GFM Romania

GFM is a company that operates mainly in the field of management and maintenance of utilities.
Specifically manages the systems of production and distribution of:
  • Compressed air; compressors, distribution lines and sampling systems, and use of the same. GFM also specialize in the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the compressors both low and high power.
Industrial water: GFM is able to manage water distribution circuits, industrial input of it towards users, in order to cooling, decanting and than of reintroducing in the circuits of the users.
Drinking water: management and distribution of wells.
Steam: GFM is capable of managing heating plants for the production of steam and the related circuits.
GFM also ensures services of maintenance for equipment / systems used in the management of the activities (compressors, pumps, fans, pipelines, etc.).
All personnel GFM is qualified and has the ISCIR authorizations requested for the conduct of the activities described.
GFM guarantees services of 24 out of 24 and 365 days a year.