TRANSIMONT is a company founded in 2003 by the Italian investor Michele Carnessali. The company start working by providing personnel in order to install and mantain various types of machines and equipment for metallurgical industry. Mr. Carnessali invested in Romania after 20 years of in the field of industrial welded metals and mechanical processing.

Currently the major part of the production is for iron and steel market: roller ways, entry and transfer decks, cooling beds, exist decks, pipe straightening and pulling machines, conveyors etc; the services are focused on industrial mounting and assembling.
The company has 200 employees, most of them specialists in their field and with outstanding results in satisfying the clients’ needs.
The head office is in Cluj Napoca, but the main activity, the production, is in Zalau (80 km away of Cluj Napoca), where we have a 3600 sqm workshop.

TRANSIMONT’s activity started in 2003 by ensuring the necessary personnel in order to install and provide service for various types of machines and equipment for metallurgical industry.

IN 2008, TRANSIMONT bought a 8600 sqm land in Zalau and built a workshop (2400 sqm) with two openings. The workshop was equipped with welding machine, CNC with oxi-gascutting machine, block cutters,  CNC and manual lathes, FU36 milling machines, AFD100 boring mill, GC1000 coordinate boring machine, GS 50 jig boring machine, Mecof CS83 boring mill, 4 bridge cranes, 2 of which have a capacity of 10 tons and 2 of 20 tons.

The workshop became operational in May 2009. Now TRANSIMONT can satisfy the most exigent requests of their current and future clients from the heavy industry, due to the equipment they can count on and to the professionalism of their employees. The company’s homogenous management team, together with the teams of experts from the various departments, succeeded in diversifying the type of products which allowed producing belt conveyors, hydraulic and pneumatic installations and equipment, repairing and restoring of curing ovens used for various purposes and work areas of metallurgical industry.

In 2010 TRANSIMONT realizes a remarkable diversification of client portfolio. By participating at national and international trade fairs, either as exhibitor or visitor, we have concluded new contracts. New productions methods are implemented as a follow up of buying new machine tools.

In 2011 the new sandblasting and painting cabin is built and we start implementing the integrate management system according to standards EN ISO 9001/2008, SR EN ISO 14001/2005, SR OHSAS 18001/2008 si SA 8000/2008. The certification audit took place in February 2012.

In 2012 and the next 5 years we are going to access new European markets. We already have contacts with companies from this region and we are about to sign long-term contracts. Two major objectives for TRANSIMONT are acquisitions of new equipments and widening the production workshop.

In April 2013, Transimont took over and reorganized a production hall, already functional, situated close to our working point, where we realized small and medium metal product.

In the first half of 2013, was built and put in to operation a new production hall dedicated to assembly, so actual production hall area incrased from 2400sqm to 3600sqm.

In June was made functionable the administrative building completely restructured and modernized.