MAG Service

Mag  Service  S.r.l.  is a company founded in 2006.
Its headquarters are in Cluj Napoca, Romania and its operating point is in Zalau within the factory of Transimont  S.r.l.,  its  affiliated company together with partner  Marco Gelain.
Mag  Service  is specialized  in:
·         General, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for industrial plants
·         Prefabrication and mounting of pipework in carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC, PVDF, PP; the welding  can be performed with procedures TIG_MIG_MAG and polyfusion of plastic
·         Mounting equipment, columns, exchangers, tanks, pumps
·         Mechanical assembly of machinery in general for steel plants and paper mills
·         Trackings, surveys and mappings
·         Alignment of rotating components with laser computerized equipment (pumps, fans, cages)
The company works with specialized and trained personnel; it currently has 50 permanent employees and a capacity of increase in its staff during the maintenance of industrial installations up to 100 workers among whom plumbers, mechanics, welders and bridge crane operators.
All this is under the coordination and supervision of the partner Marco Gelain who has many years of experience as  a technician working with leading Italian companies for important industries in the world.
The technical preparation and professionalism demonstrated all these years have allowed Mag Service to operate on large plants and  to become an accredited supplier of leading industrial companies.
The company works with technological equipment with a high degree of precision and on any type of industrial assembly, maintenance and weldings.  It works with electronic measuring stations, electronic theodolites, optical and laser levels, aligners for the rotating electronic/laser organs, portable welders, TIG equipment, oxy-fuel cutting equipment, wire welding equipments, 380 and 220 volt portable welding electrode and TIG and with its own means of transport for personnel and equipment, telehandlers,  moving platform,  tractor,  trailers,  containers and box offices.   
Mag  Service has performed and performs mounting and maintenance for important customers such as:
·         Tenaris Group, both in Italy and abroad
·         Costruzioni Meccaniche Valentini  S.p.a. 
·         Lazzari Officine Meccaniche Impianti Industriali  S.p.a.
·         Ferretti   S.p.a.
·         Gimeco  S.r.l.
·         Ormis  S.p.a.
·         Gruppo Piantoni Holding  S.r.l.
·         Officine Meccaniche Barni  S.r.l.
·         Oleodinamica Sebina  S.r.l.
Thanks to the affiliate company Transimont, led by the Manager Michele Carnessali, Mag Service can make use of the new and well-equipped factory in Zalau for all types of metal construction and machining.  Transimont is also supported by an initiated technical design office, TraProMec S.r.l., and together with Mag Service and the other member companies is able to provide any type of machinery and turnkey plants for steel production.