TRANSIMONT strategic objectives and policy management


·         Providecomplete solutions to ensure a competitive advantage to customers.
·         Beingone of the leading European suppliers of turnkey plants.
·         Providetechnology and performance quality
·         To contributeactively in the development of professional and technical skills of our human resources
·         Constantattention to the growth and development of the geographical area in which we work
Transimont can supply products and services requested by the client at the same time respecting with punctuality the terms and ensuring that the quality and quantity is according to the client’s needs.
The transport is provided by using its own resources or coordinating external suppliers.
Transimont can satisfy in a rapid and effective way its own clients and partners focusing on their needs and optimizing internal information. Transimont can deliver each product around the world using the most appropriate transport type requested by the clients.

Management policy

  • Knowing and approaching the market requirements in a positive and flexible manner.

  • Increasing the quality of provided services and products.

  • Promoting environmental activities.

  • Developing the technological resources by investment programs.

  • Developing human resources by providing refreshers, skill training and correct notification regarding the capacity of training and professional absorption.

  • Increasing employees’ competence by specialized training programs.

  • TRANSIMONT quality has two major components:

    • innovation – our partners benefits of cost optimizations from all points of view both for products and services;

    • product/service – the partners trusts in our products and services so much that they may comfortably focus on their own objectives.