Despite the weather against us, working hard and with assiduity, we were able to successfully finalize work on the new shed and the installation of the machine PAMA.
We are now ready to start-up the machine that will allow us to do more types of mechanical processing.



We started to install the equipment for the new hall. The CRANES are already up, and we are prepared to mount the boring and milling MACHINE PAMA.     




The final shape of the expanded hall is conducted as was planned.




Our project for expansion of the existing hall had been started, despite of the late winter. In this moment, we are installing the metalic structure. As soon as possible, we start on closing the facades and the roof.



Soon will materialize our project that will increase the production space Transimont, with the construction of a new industrial warehouse area of ​​1200 square meters, annexed to the already existing hall, reaching in this way to have a total production increase of 50 % from 2400 m² to 3600 m². This will allow to cope with new and increasingly demanding market and thanks to the new separate division of the production areas in storage, carpentry, assembling, pre-assembling area and machine tools is thanks to the new machine tool, milling boring machine PAMA. We are also building a new construction that will house the administrative offices of our staff.


Michele Carnessali's interview in 'Actualitatea Magazin', the newspaper of the Romanians living in Italy


Update: TRANSIMONT carries on the work for modifying a mill profile to produce both tables and profiles

The work progress at the contracted working by TRANSIMONT in the springof 2012 for modifying a mill profile to produce both table and profiles carries on according to the schedule. Due to TRANSIMONT employee's professionalism we are able to finish in due course all the workings from designing to final assemblying. Here you have a few pictures from the site:



Claudia Carnessali officially in TRANSIMONT's board

Starting with 1st of July 2012 Mrs. Claudia Carnessali enters in TRANSIMONT group of
companies board and officially shares with her brother, Mr. Michele Carnessali,
ANSIMONT management responsibilities.

Mrs. Carnessali’s involvement in TRANSIMONT, TRAPROMEC and MAG SERVICE
activity started in 2009 and since then she coordinates the economic departments
of these companies.


TRANSIMONT certification

RINA SIMTEX – Organismul de certificare SRL has officially confirmed that our company is certified for:

                                                       Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004

                                                       Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008

                                                       Occupational Health and Safety Management System


TRANSIMONT modifies a mill profiles to produce both plates and profiles

In april 2012 TRANSIMONT signed a contract for modifying a mill profile to produce both profiles and plates.

The work develops during 6 months: May 2012 – October 2012.

The project consists of:

  • designing and execution of unloading machines for preheating furnace;
  • designing and execution of roller ways for blooms and plates;
  • designing and execution of a new stripper for eliminating the tunder before and after rolling the plates;
  • designing and execution of a cooling bed for plates with the following dimensions: 13.000 mm x 24.000 mm and having a charging capacity of 120 tones;
  • modifying and designing new components for sheet plate leveling machine;
  • dismantling the present rolling way;
  • modifying the rolling mill in the area of mill stand;
  • modifying the present profile stripper;
  • assembling unloading machines of the furnace;
  • assembling and aligning the new rolling ways of the new stripper and of a cooling bed for plates;
  • assembling and aligning of a device for bloom centering (device provided by the beneficiary);
  • assebling and aligning sheet plate leveling machine;
  • assembling and aligning sheet plate cutting machine (machine provided by the beneficiary).

The modification of the mill stand is done by TRANSIMONT based on a project delivered by the beneficiary.

The maximum dimensions of the manufactured plates are:

-      width: 3.000 mm
-      length: 24.000

Also, TRANSIMONT makes the necessary modifications for the preheating bloom furnace according to the project provided by the beneficiary; furthermore, our company makes all the works for dismantling the existing structures as well as the civil works for the new mill


TRANSIOMNT executes and assemblies a preheating furnace only in 6 weeks, deadline given by an important international seamless steel pipes producer

The work was done during March-April 2012 and had more phases.

Hereby you may see the most important ones:

  • furnace execution and pre-assembling in TRANSIMONT workshop for making the final assembly in the period required by the beneficiary;
  • preparing the assembling area of the furnace as well as loading-unloading and pipe transportation mechanisms;
  • removing the existing equipments and making the new foundations for final assembling of the furnace and its equipments;
  • furnace and auxiliary equipments assembling: transport system, loading-unloading system, charging system, evacuation system;
  • making the protections for metallic structures by mounting the refractory layer (intermediary phase);
  • aligning and checking of all auxiliary mechanisms and equipments;
  • technical assistance at commissioning the furnace and at making the adjustments by taking into account:
    • charging period of the transfer bed;
    • loading-unloading period of the furnace;
    • transfer period of the pipes inside furnace;
    • unloading period of the furnace.


Chief Financial TRANSIMONT Claudia Carnessali's interview in Transilvania Business Magazine


Certification audit SR EN ISO 9001/2008, SR EN ISO 14001/2005, SR OHSAS 18001/2008, SA 8000/2008, 20 februarie 2012

The certification audit for implementing the management integrated system according to standards SR EN ISO 9001/2008, SR EN ISO 14001/2005, SR OHSAS 18001/2008 si SA 8000/2008 took place in February 2012. We are waiting the cerification documents, which are expected to be issued by June 2012.


Michele Carnessali's interview in Graiul Salajului magazine, 2012, Jan, 12


TRANSIMONT profile with the general manager, Michele Carnessali, Sette Giorni magazine, 2011, April 4