Electrical and automation parts

SeTra studies, designs and manufactures electrical solutions for industrial automation. SeTra is able to offer the best solution according to the specificity of each area of application thanks to twenty years of knowledge of its designers in different market sectors.
SeTra offers frameworks with PLC or DCS, MCC, Power center, pulpits and local control box and also could furnish technology rooms and networking infrastructure, which are manufactured according to the most advanced regulatory standards.
SeTra operates in all industrial sectors, but has developed particularly extensive experience in the fields of steel industry, cement, logistics and supplies for machine manufacturers. The consolidated attitude to training, which is also part of the offered service, allows SeTra to deal confidently with the most innovative and challenging contexts.
Setra works in collaboration with other companies of the Group, which supplement the offer with the related features, Setra cooperate with its Customers as a partner in order to develop global solutions that exceed the scope of the mere supply in order to create a privileged and lasting partnership.