TRAPROMEC offers since 2001 mechanical design services in the steel industry.
TRAPROMEC, with the new name in full quotesTRAnsimont PROgettazione  MECcanica,  was born as the first company in the group by the will of the italian investor Michele Carnessali to offer development of projects in the steel industry with particular expertise in tubes and plate production.
Has its headquarters in Cluj-Napoca and relies on 20 trained and experienced engineers. Works directly with important steel Groups and in synergy with Transimont as well.
The great combination between an active and attentive mechanical design and the possibility to effectively produce the designed projects with the help of Transimont has led to the optimization of both companies’ competences, diversification of their clients’ portfolio and performed works.
With the help of the most recent platforms of design TRAPROMEC studies and designs as requested by the client;  below are described some of the macrocategories of specialization:


  • Handling the installations for tubes and plate production;

  • Transport and work rollers, technological line for conveyor belt;

  • Loading and unloading machines for heat treatment;

  • Cooling bed;

  • Different equipment for steel industry;

  • Equipment and machines for the extrusion of tubes and bars.

TRAPROMEC offers its own clients the possibility to have motion studies, 2D/3D design and construction documentation (assembly drawings and execution) of projects.